Health, Safety
and Enviroment

Service Management S.A. undertakes the commitment to develop his activities considering essential values as safety, the health of the persons and the protection of the environment.


Our company is commItted to develop its activities taking into account the safety and health of its staff, within the collective frame of prevention of injuries and illnesses and protection of the environment, including pollution prevention.


Management of Services Provided


Prevention and Oil Spill Control Management


Operative Control ofCargoes, Discharge, Lightering and Top Off operations


Procedures before Official Organizations (Customs, Argentine Coastguard Authorities, Migration Office, Ministry of Public Health and others)


Cargo Inspections


Free Gas Inspection Management


Logistic and Foreign Trade Assessment Services

Leadership and integrated management

The Direction will lead the programs of safety, health and environment and will provide all necessary resources insuring that the whole personnel knows and works in accordance with the rules established . The control line will integrate the safety, the health and the environment in the management of the business and he will be responsible for the application of the system of management and for the securing of his results.

Incorporation of safety criteria, health and environment in the whole cycle of the activities

Service Management S.A. will bear in mind criteria of safety, health and environment in his strategy, in all his activities and during the whole life cycle of the same ones with the intention of preparing damages in the persons and in the goods and of minimizing the impact on the environment and the effects in the climate change, already respecting the biodiversity the local communities.

Continuous improvement

Service Management S.A. will establish targets of progress and goals in safety, health and environment of systematical form, will evaluate the performance and will apply the necessary corrections to reach the proposed achievements

Also it will be employed at the search of new technical solutions, on safety, health and environmental protection.

Fulfillment of the norms

Service Management S.A. will fulfill the current legal requisites in every place, as well as it will define the necessary internal regulation establishing standards on the subject of safety, health and environment, with independence of the geographical area where it is carried out his activity.

In the same way, it will be planned considering the legislative tendencies about international standards.

Communication and relations with the society

Service Management S.A. will support communication channels with the interest groups, will work jointly with the society contributing his knowledge and reporting in a trustworthy and transparent way about his performance and the effect that his activities and products cause on the persons and the environment

Where ever is be the position or geographical place, all the employees are responsible for their own safety as well as of contributing to the safety, health and individual and collective environmental performance.

Service Management S.A. thinks that “to fulfill and to make fulfill this Politics” is a responsibility of all the persons who take part in his activities.

Anti-bribery & corruption policy

Service Management S.A. – AB&CP